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World Traveler Imports, LLC




It's the most important thing in our lives.  It's where successes are celebrated.  It's the place where you are always welcome.  And when you visit our wineries and share in their wine, you become a member of our family.


Headquartered in New York City, World Traveler Imports represents some of the best family-owned and family-run wineries from around the globe.  As a federally-licensed US importer and wholesaler, we sell wine directly to New York & New Jersey retailers, and to retailers in other US states through our partners nationwide.  By US federal, NY & NJ state law, we do not sell directly to consumers.


Our business started with a simple concept – as we traveled around the world, we often found wines that we enjoyed and brought the best of these wines home to share with family and friends.  When they expressed interest in purchasing, we found these wines were very often not available in the United States.  We formed World Traveler Imports to make these extraordinary wines available in North America.


Our mission is to promote wines of family-owned wineries from around the world.  Our winemakers work year-round in the vineyards and wine cellars to guarantee the best possible wine.  We seek to provide innovative wines and grape varietals, delivering foremost on the priorities of quality and value. 


It's their labor.  It's their love.  And we're proud to be an extended member of their family.


Currently, we proudly represent 11 global wineries (we know, only 8 are currently listed on the website - the next few will soon be listed!) in 8 countries, with access to 100+ wines and over 20 different grape varietals.

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