Our Charities - The Need to Give Back

We currently work closely with the following charities:

Inheritance of Hope - A charity which inspires Hope in young families facing the loss of a parent.

We are extremely pleased to partner with Inheritance of Hope.  Their mission encompasses this belief: Preparing for the death of a parent, while they are still living, yields significant long-term benefits for children and loved ones thereby minimizing the potentially-catastrophic impact.


IoH provides "Legacy Retreats" to offer young families an all-expense paid vacation to build precious memories for each family.  Childcare is also provided so Mom & Dad can take full advantage of a "Date Night" together at one of their partner restaurants in New York City.

We are honored to be the exclusive provider of wine for their annual New York City event and pleased to donate a portion of our annual profits to this organization.


Inheritance of Hope shares our same values - the Importance of Family.

Website: http://inheritanceofhope.org/

Gigi's Playhouse - The only worldwide network of achievement centers for individuals with Down Syndrome.

We are excited to work with Gigi's Playhouse.  Their mission is to advance a larger vision of global acceptance for people of all abilities. Each center provides free programs for individuals of all ages, as well as for their families and communities.  

Currently 450,000 individuals live with Down Syndrome in the US.  1 in every 691 live births results in a Down Syndrome diagnosis, which equates to 2 million parents and siblings who face a Down Syndrome diagnosis each day.

There are 31 Gigi's Playhouses throughout the US and Mexico which serve 25,000 families.  Programs are 100% free to all families so achievement and acceptance can be realized with no cost concerns.

Nancy Gianni, the founder of Gigi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers was recently named a 2016 CNN Hero.

Gigi's Playhouse shares our same values - the Support of Family.

Website: http://gigisplayhouse.org/

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) - A society with a sole focus on brightening the day of a child battling Cancer.

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) began with the vision of a 16-year-old high school student who realized that having family around him while he was being evaluated for childhood leukemia created the support that he needed to cope.


CCS provides funds to cover medical care and other expenses to help family stay together as a support mechanism, especially when out of town hospitalization and treatment is required. CCS also provides surprise gifts to children with pediatric cancer to keep their spirits high.

Website: http://www.childhoodcancersociety.org/