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Monowai Estate
Crownthorpe, Hawke's Bay

New Zealand










New Zealand winemaker Emma Lowe has produced wine in 7 countries on 4 continents.  Coupled with her husband Marcelo Nunez’s winemaking experiences in his native Chile, their wines come with an optimal blend of international & regional winemaking techniques.


The Monowai name refers to the single expanse of the Pacific Ocean that links their homelands. 


Monowai’s vineyards are located on the banks of the Ngaruroro River in Crownthrope, uphill from Hawke’s Bay.  They are the first family-owned winery to establish itself in this promising new district.  Given its cooler daytime climate and benefitting from the ocean's breeze at night, Monowai's wines stand distinctly apart from those of its neighbors downhill.


The following wines are currently imported:

Hawke's Bay Winery of the Year

*** 3 years in a row ***


2016, 2017, 2018*

New York International Wine Competition

* Waiting on post-COVID results

Monowai - Sauvignon Blanc - NV-2048px.jpg
Monowai - Pinot Gris - NV-2048px.jpg
Monowai - Pinot Noir Rose - NV-2048px.jpg

Sauvignon Blanc

Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir Ro

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