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Domäne Müller's Website:

Weingut Domäne Müller
Südsteiermark, Austria


Three basic concepts are incorporated into the wines of Domäne Müller:


Familial Harmony


The Community of the Human Race


The Careful Protection of Nature


As a family-owned winery now in its 3rd generation, it is no surprise that it has become one of the foremost quality wineries of Austria.  Under the guidance of Yves-Michel, they are consistently recognized with top awards from international wine shows, as well as their wines being selected for the Premium Cabins of numerous airlines worldwide.


Domäne Müller sources grapes from its 5 regional vineyards, which means the winery is a "Domäne" in the truest sense of the word.  With its first modern vines planted in 1936, the winery consists of various plots from both Southern and Western Steiermark.  It proudly protects Austria's oldest planted vines of the grape variety Zweigelt, found on the original vineyard of Prince Lichtenstein in 1125.


Of all their brands, the “Der” brand (“Der Sauvignon Blanc”, “Der Chardonnay”, etc.) represents the highest niveau of Domäne Müller’s wines.  “Der” wines ensure excellence.  Yves-Michel has stated unequivocally that if the grapes to be used for “Der” wines cannot match his strictest requirements, to the dismay of many (including us!), he will forgo that year’s vintage of “Der”.


The following wines are currently imported:  We are currently discussing this with the winery.  Please check back soon.

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