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The Team
William Kolb
After 10+ years in Global Sales, Operations and Logistics, Will decided to 
turn a hobby into a career.  During his travels he was eager to try wines of
different countries.  He 
quickly learned that the world offered exquisite wines 
at affordable prices and need not be expensive to be enjoyed.  Opting to 
focus on family-owned wineries
around the world, Will is grateful that each
winery the company represents offers both excellent wine and families
with the personality and hospitality to match.
Sam James
Regional Sales Manager
Harlem, Newburgh, NY, Bergen County, NJ

Sam may be new to the wine industry, but he is no stranger to providing 
top-notch service to his customers.  As an enterprising goal-focused
professional, he prides himself on building partnerships and creating
relationships so he can best fulfill his clients' needs.  His past experience in
sales and his ability to handle complex accounts is catered for the wine
industry.  Known for his uncanny follow-up skills, Sam prides himself on
responding to all inquiries immediately, if not within 24 hours.  He has always
had a passion for wine and recently received his WSET Level 1 Certification.  
Sam's territory includes Harlem in Manhattan, the surrounding area
around Newburgh and Bergen County, NJ.
John Cosares
Sales Manager
Westchester, NY & Bergen County, NJ
A veteran of the wine industry, John has proven himself time and time again
as a true friend to retailers - a Sales Manager who actually understands
what consumers want AND who understands how to present this in the best 
possible way.  A warrior on the road and a strong asset to the team, John
consistently lets his customers know that he is always available to help.  
Having John as a SaleManager means having a trusted partner in the wine
John's territory includes Westchester, NY and Bergen County, NJ.
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