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Bodega Illana's Website:

Bodegas Illana

"El Pico"
D.O.P. Ribera del Júcar

Cuenca, La Mancha



"Tradition, Handicrafts and a Strong Family Spirit"


In 1626, King Felipe IV of Spain gave the Illana family a parcel of land known as the Finca Buenavista.  For 4 generations, the Illana family has produced their wines on this land, located 2 hours southeast of Madrid in the La Mancha region.  

Spanish winemaker Carolina and her husband Javier run the day-to-day operations of the cellar and winery.  While both are also involved with the vineyards, Javier states unequivocally that Carolina is the true genius when it comes to grapes. Romantically enough, Javier & Carolina met during their last wine class at University.

Javier and his 2 brothers continue their family's legacy. The entire Illana family continues to oversee the land, both to take painstaking steps to cultivate it and to maintain its producing ability.  At an altitude of 740 meters, the grapes grown here benefit from the higher altitude - and it certainly shows in their wine.

The name "El Pico" ("The Peak") comes from their focus on ideal wines for the market.  Of course, with its play on words, "El Pico" also means "The Beak", which is how the logo was created.


The following wines are currently imported:

 90 Points
 James Suckling
El Pico
100% Tempranillo 2017


This Tempranillo from the La Mancha region is fruit-forward.  While the Petit Verdot is more direct with its flavors, the Tempranillo provides a rounder feel and a smooth, silky feeling in the mouth.  

Also aged for 3 months in French oak barrels, this Tempranillo has a lasting taste profile.

While meant to drink on its own, the wine certainly pairs with numerous dishes, including grilled meat, chicken, and even lighter dishes such as pork and fish.

 91 Points
 James Suckling
El Pico
Crianza 2016
43% Petit Verdot
32% Merlot, 25% Syrah

Crianza is Illana's VIP showcase of the vineyard's best grapes.  Of the 7 Red grapes which are grown on the farm, only the three best grapes of each vintage are chosen to create the Crianza.

While this process takes months of monitoring by both Carolina and Javier, they pride themselves on finding the blend which promotes both the vintage's best.

A quality wine with an even better price.

El Pico
100% Petit Verdot 2017


We all know Petit Verdot is typically a blending grape.


However, Bodega Illana wanted to try something new and bottled a 100% Petit Verdot.  


Most of you might be asking - Isn't it too harsh a varietal? Won't this be a noticeably flawed wine?


Not when it's done properly!  And this is done quite well.

This is a fruit-forward wine to drink either alone or with chicken, grilled meat and ham.


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