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Angeli di Varano's Website:

Azienda Agricola
Angeli di Varano
Marche, Italy












A simple philosophy: 

Balance in the Vineyards, Minimum Production, Highest Quality


Angeli di Varano has been family-owned and operated through 3 generations.  Located in the Marche region of Italy and nestled within the Parco Regionale del Conero, brothers Lorenzo and Matteo Chiucconi have focused on bringing the exquisite Rosso Conero wines to market. 


The grapes of this region, the prestigious Montepulciano, are all hand-picked ensuring excellence in every bottle.


The following wines are currently imported:

Rosso Conero 
Wine Producer of the Year

2016 New York International Wine Competition

              Rosso Conero D.O.C.
              Primo di Tre
              100% Montepulciano


Rosso Conero D.O.C. is intense ruby red in color, the bouquet is well structured, intense and overwhelming, with notes of soft fruit, black cherry and blackberry. Its elegant and warm taste fills the palate with its rich structure, its accentuated tannins and a long persistence.


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              Conero D.O.C.G.
              Stile Libero
              100% Montepulciano


Conero D.O.C.G. Reserve of a deep ruby red colour with garnet highlights, this wine with its intense aroma inspires memories of sour cherry and vanilla, held in perfect balance. Typically dry, our Conero D.O.C.G. Reserve is harmonious and full-bodied. With aging it acquires mellowness and persistence.


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Brut Rosé
Alba Nuda
100% Montepulciano


It's hard to say what is liked best about Angeli's Alba Nuda. Some will point out its precise Rosé color.  Others will point out that it is a nice, balanced wine, Still others will note it is delicious, refershing and not overly sweet.  This is a perfect pairing for a hot summer night, a romantic evening, or the best accessory to a weekend Brunch.

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