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Mallee Estate Winery
Riverland, South Australia






"Great Wine is Meant to be Shared"


Peter and Eleni Markeas came to Australia in the early 1960's from their homeland of Kardamili, Greece. In their search for a better life, they fell in love with the Riverland region of South Australia - a sundrenched country with nutrient-rich soils nourished by the Murray River. The location was perfect to realize their life-long dream of owning a vineyard and making wine.   


Nearly 50 years later after planting the first vines, their family-owned winery produces high-quality Australian wines which evoke the atmosphere of Greece - one sip and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a lovely taverna on a warm, enjoyable evening.  


Great care is taken through the entire winemaking process to preserve the character of the fruit to the bottle. To ensure the highest quality wine, the Markeas family embraces traditional winemaking techniques with the assistance of new technologies, all while preserving the soil and terroir.


The following wines are currently imported:

Riverland Producer of the Year

*** 4 years in a row ***


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

New York International Wine Competition

              Mallee Estate 2016



Handcrafted from vines planted in 1970 at the Markeas family vineyards, which are surrounded by Mallee country.  Yields have been kept low to ensure intense flavor in the berries and to express the fine terroir, which has stood the test of time.  The nose has hints of vanilla and chocolate and the palate shows full fuit flavor, subtle French oak and develops to a warm, soft finish.


This is a medium-bodied wine that is excellent drinking now.

               Mallee Estate 2016
               Cabernet Sauvignon


Handcrafted from the Markeas family vineyards, which are surrounded by Mallee country.  The yields have been kept low through careful pruning and management to ensure the terroir is fully expressed.  The intense color is the beginning of the complexity, as the nose has hints of vanilla and spice, along with herbaceous and black current characters.  Balanced with 12 months of American Oak maturation, this is a full-bodied wine that is great drinking now or can be cellared for further aging.

              Mallee Estate 2018
              Sauvignon Blanc


Handcrafted from vines planted in 1978 in the Markeas family vineyards, which are surrounded by Mallee country.  


It is golden straw in color with green tinges, while the nose offers a complex of ripe peaches and tropical fruit.  

The fresh palate has an abundance of zingy fruit with subtle French Oak that leads to a crisp-soft finish.

Mallee Estate
Moscato 2018


This Frizzante style Moscato is comprised of White Frontignac grapes.  


It has a wonderful aroma of tropical fruit and musk flavors.  The elegance of the mouth-filling sorbet flavors are balanced with a sweet soft finish.


With its slight fizz, its lower alcohol content, and its easy-drinking viscosity, this is consistently chosen as a crowd-pleaser either as an aperitif, as a sweeter alternative, or as a dessert wine.


This Moscato is best enjoyed chilled.

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