Los Noques

Bodega Bonetto Fratelli
Gualtallary, Mendoza, Argentina



















"French winemaking ... in Argentina"

Back in the 1930s, it was completely visionary for a winemaker to create a winery with a series of small tanks to 


Nowadays, its exclusivity is unrivaled. 


The following wines are currently imported:

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Los Noques
Malbec Reserve 2010


From the winery's Finca Don Juan Lot 1, this wine has an intensive red color with purple highlights.  

The bouquet will provide black berries & prunes, topped off with vanilla aromas from the oak.

With its soft, silky tannins, it pairs best with red meat.


Los Noques
Cabernet Franc 2013

The #1 Cabernet Franc wine in the World?  Yes - we recommend you try it.

Sourced from the winery's exclusive 5-acre "Finca Chica" lot, the wine has a blend of flavors which encompass black pepper, berries & mint, coupled with vanilla and coffee overtones from the oak.

Pairs particularly well with white meat or strong fish.

#1 Cabernet Franc in the World

#4 Argentina Wine in the World

Cabernet Franc 2013

2016 World Association of Writers & Journalists of Wines & Spirits (WWAWJ)

#2 Argentina Wine in the World

Malbec Reserve 2012

2016 World Association of Writers & Journalists of Wines & Spirits (WWAWJ)

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